Filmworkers, Lift Step Up to RGX

Filmworkers Club and its design studio Lift recently joined forces to provide final post services for a high profile campaign launching RGX, a new body spray from Right Guard. Filmworkers Club provided visual effects, color correction and final editorial services for a series of spots out of Energy BBDO, Chicago, featuring a sultry appeal from actress Rachel Specter of the Comedy Central show Not Another High School Show. Lift designed and produced the campaign graphical end tag.
The Matthew Rolston-directed spots position RGX as a grown up alternative to other body sprays with Specter exhorting men to ‘just be yourself’ and give up sprays with overpowering scents. The spots end with the tag line, ‘Are you ready to step up?’

Using a sexy woman to convince young males to give RGX a try was a natural choice, according to Vince Cook, creative director on the project for Energy BBDO. ‘Men don’st wear body spray for other men, they wear it for women,’ Cook said. ‘This product has a mature scent and we’sre saying to men, ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§You’sre not a teenager anymore. Don’st act like one and certainly don’st smell like one.’

Cook worked with Filmworkers Club colorist Michael Mazur in finalizing the spots’s look, which he described as ‘clean, bright and luminous.’ ‘There is a lot of reflected light that make the spots glow,’ Cook said. ‘We wanted to blow out the background while retaining all of the foreground detail and Michael did a great job with that. He is so good, you don’st even notice what he doing.’

The spots reveal Specter on a white, stylized set. Filmworkers Club visual effects editor Rob Churchill enhanced the immaculate look by eliminating flyaway hairs and other tiny flaws in the imagery. ‘The work was complicated because the shots were long,’ noted Churchill. ‘It was a combination of careful rotoscoping and matte work.’

Lift creative team, meanwhile, created the spots’s end tag which shows a close up of the product amid sparkling lighting effects. ‘We worked from the very clean environment to create a look that makes the product pop,’ said Lift creative director Jason White. ‘The spots entice you with the actress; then the product appears with high impact. The only color is the color of the product. It a very refreshing look.’

The end tag was initially planned to include only one version of the product, but ultimately it was decided to show four variants. Lift artists created the additional products by augmenting and altering the color of the existing imagery. They also animated the products and added a misty spray. ‘We tweaked the colors, the saturation and the depth of shading,’ noted Lift motion designer Justin Pae. ‘We rebuilt a lot of the shot.’

‘They did a killer job,’ Cook said.

About The Filmworkers Club
Founded in 1992, The Filmworkers Club is Chicago only independent post-production facility. The company features a team of superbly talented and experienced artists supported by the finest in post production technology.


Agency: Energy BBDO Chicago. Vince Cook, creative director; John Pratt, producer.
Production: @radical media. Matthew Rolston, director.
Editorial: Whitehouse, Chicago. Meg Kubicka, editor; Larissa Andrews, assistant editor; Kristin Branstetter, senior producer.
Telecine: Nice Shoes, New York. Chris Ryan, colorist.
Filmworkers Club, Chicago. Michael Mazur, colorist.
Graphics: Lift, Chicago. Jason White, creative director; Justin Pae, motion designer.
VFX/Online: Filmworkers Club, Chicago. Rob Churchill, VFX editor; Randy McEntee, assistant editor; Mary O’sGara, executive producer.

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