Flickerlab Animates The Bad Fats Brothers for American Heart Association

The characters, Sat and Trans – “The Bad Fats Brothers”, were animated by FlickerLab, in partnership with Porter Novelli and Porter Novelli client, the American Heart Association. The objective of the campaign is to make adults more aware of the dangers of both trans fats and saturated fats. FlickerLab 1:05 flash animated webisode and website animation and design went online April 10th. Sat and Trans clog your arteries and raise your bad cholesterol with those big helpings of fried chicken, juicy cheese burgers and crispy fries, butter and biscuits, steak and a loaded potato, and tempting donuts and flaky pastries. You don’t have to look hard to find this tempting duo – they are usually hanging out in restaurants, grocery stores and vending machines. ‘Don’t let them break your heart.’ Visit the American Heart Association site BadFatsBrothers.com to meet Sat & Trans, check out their menu and downloads, and view the webisode. From there, users can get more fat-sensible information at the main information website AmericanHeart.org/FaceTheFats.

Harold Moss Founder/Creative Director of FlickerLab, the New York-based development, design and animation studio, said of his collaboration with the agency, ‘We had worked with Porter Novelli in the past and they brought us in to bring their characters to life. Porter Novelli conceptualized the storyline and wrote the dialogue. We designed the backgrounds and the world in which the brothers Sat and Trans live. Porter Novelli and AHA encouraged a level of play, and entertainment, that was hugely important to get this information across. When we can make animation we love, and know that we are helping to communicate an important message at the same time, it is a dream project for us.’ Porter Novelli VP Interactive/Creative Director Ken Buraker said of his experience working with the FlickerLab creative team, ‘This collaborative effort really paid off. From the beginning, we shared a common vision of how to bring the characters to life through the power of animation. Harold and his team delivered a stunning visual execution that exceeded our expectations.’ The FlickerLab team included Creative Director/Voice Director Harold Moss; Executive Producer Tammy Walters/Karen Stewart; Senior Producer Melissa Johnson; Animation Director Nikolay Nachev; Designers David Michael Friend, Scott Gursky, and Max Porter; Storyboard Artists Tom Conner and Nikolay Nachev; Flash Animators Nikolay Nachev (lead), Phil Lockerby, Nicholas Bertonazzi, Chris Siemasko, Tom Smolenski, Frank Digregorio, Anand Nunnally-Duncan and Simon Ampel; After Effects Artist Brian Cox; and Coordinator Scott Brewster.

Advertising Agency: Porter Novelli  
VP Interactive/Creative Director: Ken Buraker
Illustrator/Character Designer: Kirsten Ulve
Music Production Company: Tonal 
Composer: Alex Lasarenko
Sound Design/Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Sound Designer/Mixer: Peter Buccellato
Voiceover Talent: Mark Fine, David Colburn

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