Mr T returns as the face of Snickers

AMV and director Tom Kuntz have at last found a reason to get Mr T back on our screens – as the new spokesperson for Snickers – and the A-Team star doesn’t disappoint…..The 80s legend crashes back into our conciousness, literally, in a tank, as he takes umbrage when a Sunday league footballer over-eggs an injury.

Having flattened two cars, Mr T crashes his vehicle through a wall and points its huge gun barrel directly in the bloke’s face. Mr T then emerges from the tank with his trademark Mohican and dripping in gold. After ordering the man to stop his “jibber jabber”, Mr T brands him a”crazy fool” and throws a Snickers at his head, before telling him he’s going to “meet my friend pain”. The ad introduces a new tagline for the brand – “Get some nuts” – which Mr T bellows at the end.

‘Tank’ was shot in the blistering heat and sunshine of Los Angeles, so lead flame Adam Grint and the Mill London team had the challenge of making the ads look like overcast England! To do this they had to replace the grass pitch in many of the shots as they were blown out with sunshine. The players were laid back on top, skies were replaced and hard shadows were also removed in some of the shots.

Mr T’s tank was cleaned up in flame and the shot of the tank driving over the top of the cars had rigs removed. A pavement and hedge was also added to the right of the crushed cars. The shot of the tank bursting through the gates was beautified and extra debris was added to enhance the impact.

Adam also did a tricky legs replacement on the wide shot of the bloke getting up off the pitch. Extra players on different plates were added to this shot too. Time was also spent on extending the tennis courts and football posts, and white lines were added in many of the scenes. The end shot had multiple plates of people, extra smoke and tennis court extentions.

View the spot here!

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