MDots Designs Titles for “Spring Watch USA”

MDots recently designed and produced the main title and show graphics for the new Animal Planet TV series ‘Spring Watch USA.’ The announcement was made by Emmy Award winner Allan Wells, president/founder, and Marc Dahlstrom, Managing Director, Mdots.

Much like the events caught on camera during the course of production, Mdots Senior Designer Anne Babin created a main title sequence that “captured” a butterfly and transformed it into the ‘Spring Watch USA’ logo. Together with Vince Jimenez, Mdots Design Director, Anne designed and developed the graphics package for the show, emulating the color and vibrancy of springtime across America.

‘Spring Watch USA’ Executive Producer Joe Carolei worked closely with Mdots design team. He said, ‘The story Mdots tells in the main title, through the watchful eye of the camera lens following nature as it springs to life, really establishes the tone and feel of our show. The Mdots team went to great lengths to design a title and show package that felt seasonal and invites the viewer into a world they may not have seen before, at least from our camera point of view. Plus, they were a pleasure to work with. Their attention to design details and servicing our needs made for a great experience.’

Animal Planet debuted ‘Spring Watch USA,’ an as-it-happens, multimedia, nationwide event, during April and May. Filmed just prior to broadcast, this six-part miniseries was a celebration of the arrival and beauty of spring across the nation. Hosted by Jeff Corwin (‘The Jeff Corwin Experience,’ ‘Corwin’s Quest,’) and Vanessa Garnick (‘Caught in the Moment,’) viewers of ‘Spring Watch USA’ were shown many of the amazing mammals, birds and insects that herald the annual arrival of Spring.

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Main Title Design, Logo Development & Graphics Package: Anne Babin
Original Logo Design: Vince Jimenez
Creative Director: Marty Wall
Producer: Juli Pritchard

Launched in 2006 and based in Universal City, CA, MDots is a creative services company that specializes in the conception, design and production of motion graphics for network and channel branding packages, TV show main titles, live-action promotional spots, and show packages for TV specials and award shows, game shows, sports presentations and news broadcasts. The company is led by Emmy Award winner Allan Wells, president/founder, and Marc Dahlstrom, Managing Director. MDots is a sister company to Fontastics, a leading, stage-show screen production and design company that provides state-of-the-art graphics and a proprietary, one-of-a-kind multi-screen switching system. Fontastics is operated under the expert technical direction of its founder, Allan Wells. Members of MDots’s creative and production staff have previously designed and produced graphics show packages for such high-profile events as the 2006 ‘Emmy Awards,’ ‘The 60th Annual Tony Awards,’ 2007’Grammy Awards,’ the ‘Golden Globes,’ the ‘Daytime Emmy Awards, and the ‘Miss Universe Pageant,’ along with NBC Fall Season 2007 Upfront package. In early 2007, the company produced the Pepsi ‘Super Bowl Half-Time Open’ as well as the special effects which appeared during the live performance by rock superstar Prince.

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