INTERspectacular Gets Playful For Volvo

Well-known for its irreverent sense of humor and innovative creativity, the team at concept/design studio INTERspectacular was called on recently by ad agency Euro RSCG to infuse a carefree, playfulness into their new, 30-second commercial entitled “World of Fun” for Volvo.

The spot begins with the sporty Volvo S40 hitting the road as animated robot arms try to block its path. Our hero zips past giant dancing robots, barely avoiding their gigantic feet. Then, spunky robot-controlled airplanes try to overtake the S40, which continues to hold the lead. Finally, whimsical, jet engines pop out of the Volvo S40 propelling it forward, leaving the planes behind.

“Everyone knows the Volvo brand for its impressive safety record, ” explains Luis Blanco, Co-Creative Director at INTERspectacular. “With this new commercial, we were asked to emphasize the speed and sport of the S40. And to provide a level of fun and play, that had not been seen recently in Volvo’s marketing campaigns.”

“This was a great opportunity for us to take the hand-drawn character designs that we have been focusing on over the past several years, and evolve our approach” adds Co-Creative Director Michael Uman. “We developed black-and-white illustrated robot characters, then animated them via CG using Maya. We then composited the animations with live-action footage.”

“It was a challenge to find the right balance between the live-action footage of the car and the black & white, toon-shaded 3D animation,” concludes Executive Producer Greg Babiuk. “I think we got it just right, allowing the car to be featured while using the 3D animation to add a fanciful tone to the spot.”

About INTERspectacular
INTERspectacular was founded in 2003 by Creative Directors Luis Blanco and Michael Uman. Both Blanco and Uman have created brand and image campaigns for a variety of broadcast and commercial clients including the re-branding of Viacom’s Comedy Central Network in 2004. Under Blanco and Uman’s guidance, along with Executive Producer Greg Babiuk, INTERspectacular operates as part concept and design studio and part creative workshop.

In addition to their work in motion graphics and print design, INTERspectacular’s work encompasses a diversity of projects including character development, interactive and alternative media, and the development of original content. The company was profiled by “Crain’s New York Business” as an example of a 21st century company formed with a unique business model.

INTERspectacular is represented by art world luminary Louisa St. Pierre of Bernstein & Andriulli, a premier artist management agency, and her new division called Boutique/BA. INTERspectacular is a among a small group of hand-picked companies that make up Boutique/BA’s new division, described by St Pierre as “a collective of the world’s most lateral thinking, multi-disciplinary creatives and consultants.”

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Client: Volvo
Spot Title: “World of Fun”
Airdate: May 2007

Ad Agency: Euro RSCG/New York
Creative Director: Kevin Kehoe
Art Director: D’arcy O’Neill
Writer: Kim Devall
Head of Production: Joe Guyt
Head of Production/Business Affairs: Cathy Pitegoff
Producer: Arlene Steinwald

Concept/Design/Animation Studio: INTERspectacular/New York
Creative Directors: Luis Blanco, Michael Uman
Executive Producer: Greg Babiuk
Designer: Devin Clark
3D Models and Rigging: Tom Cushwa
3D Animators: Ric Vicens, Ray Ross Jr.
2D Animator/Compositor: Andrew Macfarlane
Editor: Eron Otcasek

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