The Mill Create Horror and Havoc in 28 Weeks Later

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadilio is back to re-invent the zombie movie with the sequel ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§28 Weeks Later.’s Robert Carlyle, Harold Perrineau, and Catherine McCormack lead an all-star cast , and The Mill were called upon to help create a breathless new take on the familiar zombie mythos.

’28 Weeks Later’ picks up six months after the devastasting ‘Rage’ virus decimated the British Isles causing British residents to indiscriminately murder and destroy everything in their paths. By the end of the film the U.S military has declared victory in the way against the rapidly-spreading infection.

Just as society struggles to sort through thr rubble and rebuild London from the ground up, the virus that bearly destroyed a nation strikes back with a vengeanance re-igniting the deadly infecion and wreaking havoc on the entire population.

A family once separated by the devastastation is happily reunited. Their joy is short-lived however, when it becomes obvious that one of them is harbouring a horrific secret.

The Mill created a total of forty-three VFX shots for the new thriller, including 2 x wide helicopter shots of Canary Wharf and the surrounding area that form the climax of a pivotal firebombing scene involving the US Airforce Napalming the district in an attempt to destroy the infected.

The Mill also composited a scene with Flynn (Perrineau) in his helicopter parked on the roof of a building in the Isle of Dogs that was shot against blue screen in the studio and composited with a matte painting background and rooftop foregreound. Other shots had the team compositing 3D humvies and planes with live action shots in order to help enhance a military presence as well as cleaning up London to emphasise the feeling of an abandoned and deserted city.

To give Sean Mathieson, The VFX Supervisor, the shots he and Juan Carlos were really keen to achieve at the end of the firebombing of the safety zone (Canary Wharf) seuqence The team at the Mill created 3D veins of Napalm to spread throughout the streets, projecting smoke on to sprites to create varying layers of Smoke in the scene and added 2D practical explosions that were specifically shot for the sequence as well as adding a matte painting of the damaged isle of dogs.

The film is on general release from May 11th and opens to rave reviews. The Mill is extremely proud to be associated with such a fantastic project.

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*Still images courtesy of Fox Atomic and DNA Films.

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