New Zune Arts film from 72andSunny, Punga, Ratatat

Design firm 72andSunny, have just released the first of several new artist collaborations to be featured on over the next two months. The latest is a music video short entitled “Los Corazones” that is animated by Argentinean collective Punga and set to the song “Lex” by electro-rockers Ratatat. The film tells a noirish story of a lonely soul who resurrects his dead friend by sharing half of his heart. Dancing and hijinx ensue.

The unique design of the main character is a twist on a creature often featured in Punga’s other projects. “I don’t know if that character is a monkey or a teddy bear or a combination of both but we loved it from the get-go,” said Jason Norcross, Writer, 72andSunny. “Most of our communication with the animators was about story. We gave them a lot of freedom in execution. For obvious reasons.”

The Zune Arts program and website launched in August of 2006, in anticipation of the launch of the Zune media player. The program’s ongoing mission is to live the Zune brand idea of friendship and sharing through inspiring collaborations between artists in all mediums.

“Zune Arts has had great energy around it since day one. Already it is one of Zune’s most successful programs and it has been a useful platform both for Zune and for the artists involved,” said Glenn Cole, Creative Director and Co-Founder, 72andSunny. “Every day, we hear from new artists who want to participate. And it’s inspiring to see Zune help out some of the artists with their personal art projects.”

Punga is an artist collective led by Tomas Dieguez, one of the most renowned designers in Argentina. Ratatat is guitarist Mike Stroud and synth driver/producer Evan Mast out of NYC. Both shared their hearts on this project and lived to tell the tale.

“This is one of the most impressive Zune Arts collaborations to date in terms of quality, detail, and sophistication,” said John Boiler, Creative Director and Co-Founder, 72andSunny. “This might be my favorite Zune Arts film yet.”

Project: Zune Arts “Los Corazones”
Airdate: May 23, 2007
Length: :60

Client: Microsoft Zune, Redmond, WA
Marketing Manager: Peter Kingsley

Concept: 72andSunny / Los Angeles, CA
Creative Director: Glenn Cole
Writers: Jason Norcross, Bryan Rowles
Producer: Rebekah Mateu
Brand Manager: Jessica Lewis

Animation: Punga / Buenos Aires, Argentina
Music: “Lex” by Ratatat

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