VFX Legion Releases New Breakdown Reel

VFX Legion, the LA studio specializing in providing episodic television shows and feature films with efficient, high quality end-to-end visual effects services, recently marked its fifth anniversary. In addition to the signing of senior artists and making refinements to its infrastructure, they have released a new breakdown reel. The expansion and upgrades further increase the studio’s capacity to handle multiple projects with large shot counts, complex effects and challenging budgets, while consistently meeting tight deadlines.

The Burbank-based studio centrally manages visual effects for a steady stream of television shows that currently includes, ‘How to Get Away with Murder,’ ‘Madam Secretary,’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ among others, which have returned to work with VFX Legion season after season. A growing number of shows rooted in the real world rely on VFX Legion to provide smart solutions that elevating visual stories with photorealistic CG environment and visual effects that would be either too expensive, time-consuming or impossible to shoot.

“Over the last five-years, VFX Legion’s mission has remained unchanged: Bring the best artists in the industry into the fold of an accessible LA studio with the creativity, technical skills, efficiency, caliber of talent and experience that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations and keeps television shows coming back season after season,” says Founder/Creative Director James David Hattin.

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