Little Red Robot Delivers Capitol Records “Hurt – Forever”

Little Red Robot was commissioned by Capitol Records to create a music video for the song ‘Forever’ by the up-and-coming band HURT. Little Red Robot took the creative lead for the video, from intitial concept through to final production.

The 3-and-a-half minute, all-CG, animated piece was directed and produced entirely by the Little Red Robot team using Autodesk¬Æ Maya¬Æ for modeling and animation and utilizing the latest rendering technology ?Äî NVIDIA¬Æ Gelato¬Æ rendering software. Compositing and visual effects were executed in Autodesk Combustion¬Æ and rendered at HD resolution.

Little Red Robot worked closely with NVIDIA Gelato team to render the HD-resolution elements on the NVIDIA render farm and to optimize the rendering speed in order to make the project tight deadline.

The imagery in the video is inspired by Hieronymus Bosch epic, 16th century painting ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights.’ So Little Red Robot developed a ‘painted’ look for the video, in every detail from the way it was conceptualized, rendered, composited, and graded. The idea was not to create yet another typical CG music video, but rather to evoke a fresco painting or the look you would fi nd in a graphic novel.

copyright 2007 Capitol Records
3D rendering by NVIDIA® Gelato®

Directed and Produced by
Little Red Robot

Visual Effects & Compositing
Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull

Ben Beshaw, Wes Louie

3D Rigging
Bill Stout, Nathan Winfrey

3D Modeling (Characters)
Nathan Winfrey, Lawrence Passion, Geoff Lou, Kevin Deaton, Burke Rivet

3D Modeling (Environment)
Shattered Images
producer: Duncan Brinkhurst
artists: Bryan Nieblas, Joe Brent

3D Animators
Sean Mauney, Ben Young, Ji Young Yoon, Alexandra Zedalis, Sirirat Thawilvejakul, Waqas Hussein, Ferdinand Terado, Steve Hada

Since Little Red Robot was established in 2003, the name has been synonymous with originality, design and creativity. We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in the design and management of 3d and 2d animation, visual eff ects, live-action production and post-production. In a short amount of time this team has collected an impressive body of work spanning from fully animated hyper photorealism to stylized graphics and experimental fi lm for clients including Capitol Records (LA), Nike (OR), BBDO (UK), A&E Television (NY), National Geographic Television (DC), Paramount Television (LA), Working Title Films (UK), BBC Television (UK), Warner Brothers Records (LA), Revolver Films (LA), Beacon Films (LA), Ribbit Films, (NY), Nintendo (JP), and Sony (JP), The Moving Picture Company (UK).

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