The Mill Head into the Wild West with The Fratellis

The Mill head into the Wild West with The FratellisThe Fratellis new EP ‘Ole Black ‘N’ Blue Eyes’ will be released this month on the 11th of June. The Mill has boosted the much awaited release with a fantastic new promo directed by Jon Yeo & John Sunter through Weilands. BIF animators, Jules Janaud and Fransois Roisin of The Mill, helped to create the colourful world of the old west by turning rock band Fratellis into cowboys and sheriffs.

Also featured in a leading role in the video is a monster named ‘Tina.’ A large brutish (male) outlaw-bandit who has black/blue and bloodshot eyes – mainly from too much moonshine and various brawls! Standing as tall as a mountain, Tina likes to dress up in ladies clothes, wear badly applied makeup and create havoc in the sleepy western town.

The video follows The Fratellis, (a singing sheriff, a deputy on a banjo, and the other with a drum,) as they capture the wanted villain ‘Tina’ and travel with her into the night.

The trio set up camp for the night to play and sing around the campfire. Bitter about the capture Tina pulls out a jug of moonshine from underneath her dress and spikes the lawmen drinks. The characters get gradually drunk and pass out in a drunken haze, while Tina sturdier constitution means he can knock out each man, swipe the keys to her cage and escape into the night.

Next morning the three bruised cowboys begin their journey to find Tina once and for all. They search through the desert stopping to ask pilgrims and farmers about Tina’s whereabouts. In the process they are captured themselves by a pack of Indians with their fate suddenly looming?‚àö√묨‚àÇ

Just when all hope is lost Tina appears and frees the three men from what could have been a gruesome ending.

Overwhelmed by Tina’s kind gesture, the three cowboys capture Tina to parade her through the town ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§to be seen as captured.’s They travel through the village allowing villagers and passers by heckle at the captured monster. The three cowboys continue to ride on into the open dessert. Here they uncuff Tina only to set her free. Overwhelmed by their kind gesture Tina waves the trio off while wiping a tear from her black and blue eye.

The Fratellis directors, Jon Yeo and John Sunter, drew upon references by illustration artist Pete Fowler which inspired the character of ‘Tina.’ The duo wanted to create a simple stop motion animation promo that had a distinctive look throughout.

Approximately ten Mill animators worked on the promo over four weeks, rigging, modeling and texturing the characters in house. James Bamford graded the video to achieve the rich colorful tones of the Wild West.

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