Guerilla Creates Effects for Underwriters Labratories

Guerilla FX Shoots, Edits, Creates Effects for Underwriters LabratoriesWorking with G2 Branding and Design, Guerilla FX, an independent design, effects and post finishing company, recently shot, edited and created effects for a three minute branding video for Underwriters Laboratories¬¨¬®‚àö√ú to be shown to the company 6000 employees worldwide. “Underwriters Laboratories: The Standard In Safety” was first screened on April 27th at the UL Northbrook facility in Chicago, IL, followed almost immediately by screenings at UL facilities around the globe.

UL is the trusted source, across the globe, for product safety compliance. Benefiting a range of customers Рfrom manufacturers and retailers to consumers and regulating bodies ?√Ñ√¨ UL has tested products for public safety for over a century.

The branding video was shot by the Guerilla FX directorial duo Aggressive, a.k.a. Dan Shapiro and Alex Topaller, on Globus Studios (New York, NY) stages.

‘G2 gave us a script, a narration by William Shatner, and some very general boards. Alex and I set about designing the look and feel we thought would be most effective, and created our own boards, which the agency approved,’ explained Aggressive Dan Shapiro.

“Next, we cast and shot the video, and designed the environments before involving ourselves in overseeing the postproduction process,” added Dan partner, Alex Topaller, who visited the UL headquarters in Chicago and brought back the laboratory back plates needed to complete the project.

Of his company collaboration with Guerilla FX, G2 Branding and Design Partner/Producer Kc Tagliareni, stated, “I have worked with Dan and Alex on and off for the past six years and time and time again they go above and beyond what is necessary to make each project look its absolute best. As G2 looks to further its capabilities in the motion category, we look to opportunities like the UL project to raise the bar. I believe that Dan and Alex have a tremendous future ahead of them.”

The Guerilla FX creative team included Directors/Creative Directors Aggressive a.k.a. Dan Shapiro and Alex Topaller, Executive Producer Doug Robbins; Director of Photography Joplin Wu, Producer Alex Aab, Production Supervisor, Jeff Weatherby, Offline and Online Editor Jason Yantz; Assistant Editor Adam Rust; Compositors Dorian West, Gerald Mark Soto, William Decker, Marco Giampaolo, and Aggressive; 3D Animator Andy O’sDonnell, and 3D Modeler Todd Daniele.

The video was shot with an HVX camera, posted on a mix of PC and Mac workstations and the effects were created with 3D Studio Max and After Effects.

Representing G2 Branding and Design were Senior Partner Phil Koutsis, Senior Partner Matt Egan, Partner Kc Tagliareni, Principal Jon Resnik, Principal Jason Borzouyeh, and Principal Rebecca Ginsberg.

The musical underscore was composed and arranged by Angelo Panetta of Panetta Studios (Elmwood, NJ); with voice-over provided by Actor William Shatner.

About G2 Branding and Design:
G2 Branding & Design is a brand development and design agency committed to providing clients with innovative world-class brand-building solutions and design-driven communications beyond traditional advertising. With expertise across a broad range of branding disciplines the agency creates solutions that deliver brand communications that inspire consumers and drive consumer action and build brands and businesses with core capabilities in Brand Strategy and Development; 2D and 3D Design; Packaging; Retail Communications and Environmental Branding. Clients include: The ABSOLUT Spirits Company, The Cendant Corporation, Coca-Cola, Extell Development Corporation, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pantone. G2 Branding and Design is part of the G2 global network of companies, a partner company of Grey Global Group and a member of WPP (Nasdaq: WPPGY).

About UL:
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing Standards for Safety for over a century. UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems annually with 21 billion UL Marks appearing on 71,000 manufacturers’s products each year. UL worldwide family of companies and network of service providers includes 66 laboratory, testing and certification facilities serving customers in 104 countries.

About Guerilla FX:
Guerilla FX, an independent design, effects and post finishing company, is the natural out growth of the relationship created when 0:2:60 Executive Producer Doug Robbins first signed Visual Effects Designer/Editor/Director Thor Raxlen for commercial direction. Together they launched Guerilla FX in January 2006 and this uniquely creative, vertically integrated company now takes projects from preliminary discussions through the shoot, editing and effects. They have recently completed high profile projects for clients including Citibank, FedEx, Foot Locker, General Mills, Kyocera, Montefiore Hospital, MTV, Nexxus, Nike, Subway, TRESemm?©, and Verizon, among many others.

Title: “Underwriters Laboratories: The Standard In Safety”

Length: three minute branding video

Screened: “Underwriters Laboratories: The Standard In Safety” was first shown on April 27th at the UL Northbrook facility in Chicago, IL, followed almost immediately by screenings at UL facilities around the globe.

Description: Branding video for the 6000 employees of Underwriters Laboratories® worldwide.

Production Company: Guerilla FX
City/State: New York, NY
Directors/Creative Directors: Aggressive
Executive Producer: Doug Robbins

Director of Photography: Joplin Wu
Producer: Alex Aab
Production Supervisor: Jeff Weatherby

Editorial/Postproductions/VFX: Guerilla FX
City/State: NY, NY
Offline/Online Editor: Jason Yantz
Assistant Editor: Adam Rust
Compositors: Dorian West, Gerald Mark Soto, William Decker, Marco Giampaolo, Aggressive
3D Animator: Andy O’sDonnell
3D Modeler: Todd Daniele

Location of Shoot: Globus Studios
City/State: New York, NY

Client: G2 Branding and Design
City/State: New York NY
Senior Partner: Phil Koutsis
Senior Partner: Matt Egan
Partner: Kc Tagliareni
Principal: Jon Resnik
Principal: Jason Borzouyeh
Principal: Rebecca Ginsberg

Music Production Company: Panetta Studios
City/State: Elmwood, NJ
Composer: Angelo Panetta
Arranger: Angelo Panetta
Voice-Over: William Shatner

Audio Post Production Company: DJM
City/State: New York NY
Executive Producer: Danny Breen

Engineer: Pete Serenita

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