nailgun* Creates Open For HGTV’s ‘Get Out, Way Out!’

For HGTV’s new show Get Out, Way Out! – a new show that centers on extreme patios decked out with state-of-the-art surround sound stereo systems, big screen televisions and fully equipped kitchens – the award-winning creative design studio nailgun* created a truly tantalizing show open/package featuring a dozen seconds of vibrant, tightly-edited 3D animated backyard transformations. Get Out, Way Out! airs Wednesdays at 9:30pm on HGTV.

“The show is about the process of building an amazing backyard, so that’s what we decided to focus on with the open,” says Michael Waldron, Creative Director at nailgun*. “We started with a blank canvas, then created a barrage of photoreal, but stylized 2D and 3D elements to drop into this world. It’s almost all 3D, but there is some 2D work sprinkled in to the mix. Capturing the motion was the biggest challenge and the most important element. We wanted it to be fast and interesting, but not overwhelming, with just enough time just to see each new image before adding the next. In the end, it’s about the transformation more than the individual details.”

Every episode of Get Out, Way Out! features one homeowner’s outdoor space being made over into an incredible living area. The show’s designer don’t just create a space but an exciting themed environment bursting with ideas featuring pools, waterfalls, lagoons, rock climbing, full-functioning kitchens, luxurious patios and gardens and even outdoor all-weather entertainment and movie spaces.

The nailgun* designed show open starts with a shot of wide open green lawn. Suddenly a 3D animated version of a fully outfitted entertainment center drops from the sky and fills the screen. With dizzying speed and mind-blowing precision, more big-ticket items drop from the sky, building a modest house with a truly spectacular backyard replete with gleaming gas barbeques, stylish chairs, big screen televisions and other luxury items.

The piece de resistance comes with the final addition a series of paving stones drop and form the show’s logo (which was also created by nailgun* and can be seen on the HGTV website and in print.).

“The biggest challenge was conveying so much information in this short open,” says nailgun* Designer/Animator Lisa Kim, “In the end, the open includes a rapid camera turn of almost 360 degrees, during which we were trying to fit in all these very flashy elements. That can be difficult to do without the scene feeling cluttered and unwieldy, but in the end we found the right balance to make it work.”

About nailgun*
With a strong belief that great art derives from making creative choices and sticking to them, veteran graphic designer Michael Waldron and editor/animator Erik van der Wilden launched motion graphics house nailgun* in 2003. Since then the BDA Gold award-winning creative shop has been pushing boundaries while exceeding client goals with standout work for top advertising agencies and broadcast networks. Their clients include such companies as ABC News, HBO, HGTV, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, Publicis and McCann-Erickson NY.

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