Ultraflares Flarepack Volume 1 Released

The first of many forthcoming lens flare preset collections for Ultraflares has been officially released. Ultraflares Flarepack Vol. 1 is a collection of 30 cutting-edge anamorphic lens flare presets for Ultraflares.

Ultraflares Flarepack Vol. 1 has been specifically developed for professional 3D artists, digital artists, designers and photographers. The collection provides a wide variety of unique anamorphic flares in a multitude of color palettes to accommodate virtually any image palette. Anamorphic flares are particularly helpful for adding a level of high-tech sophistication to imagery. Their sleek and narrow design allow for striking emphasis on image elements.

Ultraflares Flarepack Vol. 1 flares help provide that cinematic look in one easy step. Using Ultraflare’s powerful global features, you can easily modify the flare color, size, intensity, rotation, saturation and much more. Instantly add varying degrees of chromatic aberration to your flare or adjust the anamorphic size using the aspect ratio control. Since these flares are presets, they are resolution-independent. This means your flare will be as razor-sharp on a 4K image as it will on a 400px image. Unlike all image-based lens flares, presets give you full-control over the flare’s structure allowing you to modify any properly, to any degree, at any time.

Check out the gallery of the new presets.


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