Animal Logic Speeds Ahead With Comcast

Animal Logic speeds ahead with Comcast Ad CampaignSydney-based digital production company Animal Logic has created the visual effects for Comcast new High-Speed Internet with PowerBoost campaign, including commercials entitled ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Lab Rats’s, ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Speed Walker’s and ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Hair’s, collaborating with Director Mike Maguire, The Director’s Bureau and Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.

Each ad features a comedic lab scenario in which someone (or something) comes in contact with ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Comcastic high-speed juice’s and is thus able to move or grow at warp speed.

In ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Lab Rats’s, mischievous rats have gotten into the lab ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Comcastic high-speed juice’s, causing them to race around the room at lightning speed, much to the dismay of the lab technicians they zoom around and over. Animal Logic was responsible for compositing hundreds of live action rats into the lab and speeding up their movement. Speeding up the rats’s motion in a believable way was one of the most challenging components of the spot.

?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Speed Walker’s features ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Larry Berndorff,’s a speed walking champion trying to increase his speed even further. Because he has to ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§walk’s and not run, his legs are injected with PowerBoost, allowing them to move at hyper-speed. For this commercial, Animal Logic had to speed up Larry legs while keeping his upper body movements confined to a normal, much slower pace.

In ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Hair’s, two lab techs play with a wand of ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Comcastic high-speed juice’s, waving it over their faces to give themselves an instant ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Magnum PI’s moustache, ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Grizzly Adams’s beard and full Zeus mane. When their unsuspecting colleague tries to end their distracting conversation, they wave the wand at her, instantly giving her a zigzag of hair growth across her face. Animal Logic role on this ad was to amass the numerous takes of the men wearing hair in various lengths and composite them together to create a realistic impression of immediate growth.

About Animal Logic
One of the world’s most highly respected digital production companies, Animal Logic produces award-winning design, animation and visual effects solutions for the film, television and advertising industries. The company has a studio in Sydney, Australia and a production office in Los Angeles.

Production Company: The Director’s Bureau
Director: Mike Maguire
Executive Producer: Melissa Culligan
Producer: Kati Haberstock
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein and Partners
Creative Director: Jamie Barrett
ACD/Copywriter: Jim Elliott
ACD/ Art Director: Nick Spahr
Agency Producer: Tanya LeSieur

Animal Logic:
VFX Supervisor: Morgane Furio
Lead Compositor: Colin Renshaw
Senior Compositors: Leoni Willis, Angus Wilson
Compositor: Howard Hill
Assistant Compositor: Jodi Tyne
Roto Team: Vaughn Arnup, Jamie Nimmo, Laura Dubsky, Mark Harmon, Jay Hawkins
3D Artist: Jeremy Howdin
Matte Painting Artist: Ben Walsh
Producer: Nerissa Kavanagh
Production Co-ordinator: Kate Stenhouse

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