Coat of Arms Releases Lullaby Theories “Same Same But Different”

Chicago-based studio Coat of Arms is on a mission to make complex scientific theories more approachable and to encourage women and children to explore the world through science.

Inspired by the perspective of toddlers, Coat of Arms owners Jonathan Lacocque and Clara Lehmann discuss epigenetics with three-year-old, identical twins Lucy and Sophia – who happen to be their kids!

“Same Same But Different” tells the story of the basic science behind gene modification as it relates to these identical twins. It is gentle and sweet discussion about how the girls notice the ways in which they are the same yet different from one another on a daily basis.

Directed, produced, and written by Jonathan Lacocque and Clara Lehman, the first episode in the “Lullaby Theories” series tells how our DNA is affected by what we eat, where we live, and what we do – or in other words – epigenetics.

According to, “Certain circumstances in life can cause genes to be silenced or expressed over time. Which just means they can be turned off or turned on based on lifestyle choices we make.”

“Eat your leafy greens so that you, too, can tell a really good story”.

And with that…the girls and their mother leave us with one simple message: “Eat your leafy greens so that you, too, can tell a really good story”. They hope you enjoy the film!

Coat of Arms hopes to explore more scientific topics with the girls, like parallel worlds, plasma, and global warming as part of a larger series entitled, “Lullaby Theories.” To support them, visit

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