Check out Dogfight, the Zune Arts film from 72andSunny

Strategic design and advertising agency 72andSunny today releases the second of several new artist collaborations to be featured on and aired during Adult Swim on Cartoon Network this summer. This latest video tells the tale of two enemy fighter pilots who spark a friendship via impromptu aerial artistry and fireworks that result from their surprising and spectacular mid-air explosions.

The film was animated by Los Angeles-based Fulltank and set to the track “Special Thing” by Portland-based rock duo Viva Voce.

“To me, it’s about the rewarding and unexpected surprises you find when you share even when you share by accident,” said Glenn Cole, Creative Director, 72andSunny. “During development, the film evolved a lot.

Originally it was a love story with a stark visual treatment. But everyone involved kept pushing it someplace new and better.”

“One of my favorite things about this film is the way the song works with the story,” says Bryan Rowles, Art Director, 72andSunny. “There’s just a humanity to it which sets the mood and provides a great counterpoint to the intense action and beauty of Fulltank’s animation. It would be easy to lose yourself in the crazy fireworks but the song keeps your attention grounded in the characters and their emerging friendship.”

The look of the film was inspired by traditional cel animation and manga cartoons, and then incorporating those sensibilities into a hybrid 3D/illustrated world. “Fulltank breathed life into this idea is every way imaginable,” notes Jason Norcross, Writer, 72andSunny. “They were able to combine the intensity of battle with the sensitivity of courtship with a really irreverent sense of humor. They packed a ton into 60 seconds.”

“Every time I watch it I discover something new,” says John, Boiler, Co-Founder, 72andSunny. “Maybe it’s a subtle expression, or yet another detail in the explosions, or one of a dozen other things. It’s a simple story told in a sophisticated way.”

As Zune Arts heads into its second year, the program continues its mission of living the Zune brand idea of friendship and sharing by fostering inspiring collaborations between artists in all mediums.

“What’s so fun and gratifying about Zune Arts is that it keeps getting better,” says Cole. “It’s an inspiring playground for everyone involved, and the bar keeps getting set higher and higher. Everyone we talk to new artists, labels, the press, our clients – sees Zune Arts as an opportunity to do something great.”

Fulltank is a design and animation company guided by Executive Producer Ben Morris and Creative Director Chris Do. Portland, Oregon’s Viva Voce (Italian for “word of mouth”) is drum guru Kevin Robinson and his wife/guitar goddess Anita Robinson.

Click here to view video.

Project: Zune Arts “Dogfight”
Client: Microsoft Zune, Redmond, WA
Airdate: July 1st, 2007
Premiered online: July 1st, 2007

Marketing Manager: Peter Kingsley

Concept: 72andSunny / Los Angeles, CA
Creative Director: Glenn Cole
Writers: Jason Norcross, Bryan Rowles
Producer: Rebekah Mateu
Brand Manager: Jessica Lewis

Animation: Fulltank, Los Angeles
Music: “Special Thing” by Viva Voce

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