“Dear Europe” US/UK Collaborative Animation Project Hopes To Rally EU Voters

Led by US director Erica Gorochow, Dear Europe is a collaborative video about the upcoming European elections and how lessons gleaned from Brexit and Trump, might relate. The piece was made by artists who call the US and the UK home. The video has been translated into Dutch, French and German.

Creative Credits

Director: Erica Gorochow
Artists (In order of appearance):
Design/Animation: Alexandra Lund
Design/Animation: Allen Laseter
Design/Animation: Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
Design/Animation: Pablo Lozano
Design: Johnny Kelly
Design/Animation: Terra Henderson
Design/Animation: Kyle Strope
Design: Ege Soyuer
Design/Animation: Joe Donaldson
Design/Animation: Jay Quercia
Design: Brian Gossett
Animation: Louis Wesolowsky
Design/Animation: Thea Glad
Design/Animation: Freddy Arenas
Design/Animation: Lana Simanenkova
Design/Animation: Yukai Du
Design/Animation: Miguel Jiron
Design/Animation: Bee Grandinetti
Design: Damien Correll
Animation: Adam Grabowski
Design/Animation: Robin Davey
Music + Sound: Upright T-Rex Music

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