Bombastic Create Graphics for Diana Concert

When audiences tune in to the highly anticipated Concert For Diana, they will enjoy a graphics package created in a collaborative effort between VH1 and design/branding company Bombastic. The concert is a tribute to the Princess and a fundraiser for the charities she supported during her lifetime. Accordingly, the graphics package for the special presentation embodies a symbolic image of how Diana connected with her friends, fans and those in need.

“We were looking for a respectful way of presenting the concert for Diana that would distinguish it from the usual hype surrounding our musical events,” says VH1 VP of Brand and Creative Phil Delbourgo. “We drew inspiration from the striking image of flowers left behind at Kensington Palace to commemorate Diana when she died. Bombastic found a way to turn that image into something that symbolized life through a beautiful animation of a lone flower falling into a stream and triggering growth all around it. With dramatic camera moves and 3D they were able to give the animation the kind of scale we needed for a big concert.”

“Working with the VH1 team is always amazing,” notes Bombastic Creative Director Jamie Slomski. “In this instance they had a specific vision for the overall project and then let us build from there, embracing our ideas and process every step of the way. The image of the English Rose – as iconic as the princess herself – blossoming new life when it touches the water, really represents how both Diana’s humanitarian work and her contact with the general public inspired and effected change.”

In addition to the flower and water Show Open, Bombastic designed a wealth of other on-air elements for the broadcast concert. The emphasis for these was a clean and simple design that reflects both the concert’s logo, taken from Diana’s own signature, and the color blue, which is prominent in the water theme and in the “D” of the logo. The package was created in Maya and AfterEffects and delivered in HD Pal.

Bombastic has collaborated with VH1 on a variety of projects including the 2006 Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame, Hollywood Snappers, Music Blitz, Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash and Ice TV “Cult Shit.”

Bombastic is an award-winning and strategic creative company founded by Emmy-nominated designer/creative director Jamie Slomski. From the design and production of national and international on-air network branding initiatives, to TV show packaging and commercial direction and design, Bombastic distinguishes itself with diverse visual style and an efficient production process. The Bombastic team can place clients at ease throughout the lifecycle of any project, all the while working to the ultimate goal of Sublime Design. Clients such as the Nature Conservancy, Pepsi, Discovery Networks and CBS have experienced the Bombastic touch.

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Concert for Diana Graphics Package Credits:

Client: VH1
Phil Delbourgo: SVP of Brand and Creative VH1 Amanda Havey: VP of On-Air Design Shannon Horan: Sr. Producer

Design & Animation Company: Bombastic/NY Jamie Slomski: Creative Director / Designer Chris Uhrich: Designer / VFX Brian Friel: Producer

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