INTERspectacular Creates Signature Character & Re-brand For Nicktoons Network

Concept/design/animation studio INTERspectacular has re-branded the premiere programming block for Nicktoons Network entitled ‘3 Headed Monster.’ Featuring one character with three distinct personalities: ‘Friday,’ ‘Saturday’ and ‘Sunday,’ the extensive and incredibly entertaining graphics package promotes the animation network weekend block of programs. The project gave the INTERspectacular team the opportunity to combine character development and storytelling.

Client Nicktoons Network approached INTERspectacular in late 2006 to complete a ‘re-fresh’ on their ‘3 Headed Monster’ package. Creative Directors Luis Blanco and Michael Uman presented a complete re-brand, which included the creation of a new, signature character. Nicktoons Network awarded the project to INTERspectacular, and the successful collaboration began just after New Year, 2007.

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This month, in July, the re-branded ‘3 Headed Monster’ package will be launched on the air. The team at INTERspectacular developed the fully realized signature character, including its three distinct characters, as well as its voices. They also developed the complete graphic design package to accompany it, including logos, bumpers, lower thirds, etc. INTERspectacular completed all of the animation, using desktop software packages Flash and Adobe AfterEffects. In addition to the visual aspects of the package, INTERspectacular created the sound design and Foley, while DJ Wally created a signature musical sting. Finally, it was INTERspectacular Michael Uman and Luis Blanco who completed the voices of the three ‘heads.’

‘We knew from the beginning that developing the character and the scripts was going to be the key to the success of this package,’ comments INTERspectacular Luis Blanco. ‘3 Headed Monster had to be not just a funny character to watch, but a real spokesman for the idea that there are three continuous nights of programming.’

Additionally for Blanco and Uman, this Nicktoons Network project enabled their studio to reach and attain yet another creative goal: character development and content creation. ‘Since we started INTERspectacular three years ago, we have been creating strong, entertaining characters who have future possibilities, but the narratives have primarily relied on simple, visual-driven humor. This project allowed us to flesh out a character over twenty spots through humorous, dialogue-driven narratives. This is our first step into developing branded entertainment,’ notes Uman.

‘There is a great combination of varied skill sets at INTERspectacular,’ notes Greg Babiuk, INTERspectacular Executive Producer. ‘We find that these combined strengths in design and animation make INTERspecacular stand out.’

About INTERspectacular:
INTERspectacular was founded in 2003 by Creative Directors Luis Blanco and Michael Uman. Both Blanco and Uman have created brand and image campaigns for a variety of broadcast and commercial clients including the re-branding of Viacom Comedy Central Network in 2004. Under Blanco and Uman guidance, along with Executive Producer Greg Babiuk, INTERspectacular operates as part concept and design studio and part creative workshop. In addition to their work in motion graphics and print design, INTERspectacular work encompasses a diversity of projects including character development, interactive and alternative media, and the development of original content. The company was profiled by ‘Crain New York Business’ as an example of a 21st century company formed with a unique business model.

INTERspectacular is represented by art world luminary Louisa St. Pierre of Bernstein & Andriulli, a premier artist management agency, and her new division called Boutique/BA. INTERspectacular is a among a small group of hand-picked companies that make up Boutique/BA new division, described by St Pierre as ‘a collective of the world most lateral thinking, multi-disciplinary creatives and consultants.’

About Nicktoons Network:
Nicktoons Network is the fastest growing kids’s network* and offers a 24-hour schedule featuring programming such as the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival, Skyland, Kappa Mikey, The Secret Show and Martin Mystery, as well as a roster of hits that have defined kids’s and animation lovers’s TV, including Avatar: The Last Airbender, Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly OddParents and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. Nicktoons Network is a part of the MTV Networks expanded suite of channels available for digital distribution. The new channels include MTV Hits, MTV Jams, Nicktoons Network and VH1 Mega Hits, expanding and strengthening MTV Networks’s digital offerings to thirteen services.

Nicktoons Network currently reaches 47 million homes via cable, digital cable and satellite, and can be seen on Cablevision, Charter Communications, Comcast Cable, Cox Communications, DirecTV, DISH Network and Time Warner Cable. Nicktoons, and all related titles and logos are property of Viacom, Inc.

Nicktoons ‘Three Headed Monster’

Concept/Design/Animation Studio: INTERspectacular/NY
Creative Directors: Luis Blanco / Michael Uman
Executive Producer: Greg Babiuk
Writers: Luis Blanco, Michael Uman, Greg Babiuk, Devin Clark, Corey Rakowsky, Joe Liss, John Rubano, David Lewman, Travis Pinon
Character Designer: Joel Trussel
Logo Designer: Alberto Cerriteno
Promo Graphics Package Design: Josh Pelzek
Character Animators: Devin Clark, Efrain Cintron, Euralis Weekes
Graphics Animator: Andrew Macfarlane
Background Designer: Devin Clark
Design Intern: Sybille Schenker
Music: DJ Wally
Sound Design/Foley: Michael Uman
Character Voices: Michael Uman, Luis Blanco

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