Framestore Helps Pigs Drink, Fly & Get Lucky!

A provocative new spot for Trojan condoms reveals an upscale bar filled with beautiful women and pigs. While that may sound like an everyday occurrence, keep in mind that we are referring to the kind of swine with the snouts, hoofs, and curly tails. While that may sound like an improvement on what you were thinking, it was up the effects artists at Framestore NY, in collaboration with ad agency Kaplan Thaler Group, to make the scenario a believable one. No mean feat, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Directed by with a bluesy guitar riff and an incongruous shot of multiple pigs in a stylish-looking club, the scene quickly shifts to a beautiful, annoyed young woman passing three gesticulating, ogling hogs. As the song laments the singer’s slim chances with his girl, we are treated to boars boring their comely companions by talking on cell phones, droning on endlessly, or simply getting too close to their much cleaner dates.

When one pig heads to a bathroom vending machine, however, and extracts a Trojan condom, he is changed into a much-better catch. Returning to his date, he finds her much more welcoming and responsive.

To technically create the pigs-in-a-bar scenario, there were six animatronic and six posable pigs supplied and operated by Stan Winston Studios. The animatronic pigs’ facial expressions were controlled off-camera, but their bodies were controlled by puppeteers dressed in green suits. The entire spot was comprised via a series of plates of the foreground, midground, and background pigs. Led by Framestore NY’s Mindy Dubin, Flame artists Talia Marash and Tom Leckie painstakingly executed meticulous rig removal, clean-up, and grade enhancement in just a little over three weeks.

“Evolve” began airing in June, and immediately encountered controversy as Fox and CBS both declined to run the spot.

Framestore CFC was formed in December 2001 through the union of two of the most creative and dynamic companies in the industry: FrameStore and The Computer Film Company (CFC). The company is now the largest visual effects and computer animation company in Europe, with over 30 years of combined experience in digital film and video technology.

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