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An unstoppable force has travelled the Galaxy for millennia, consuming countless planets and civilisations. It’s next target is Earth – and you are the last line of defence! Freestyle Collective recently created a dramatic opening sequence for a new Cartoon Network online game. Fusion Fall is Cartoon Network’s first massive multiplayer online game. From futuristic skyscrapers to mystical ruins, enter an enormous, action-packed universe unlike anything you’ve seen. Mix it up with stars of Cartoon Network like Ben 10, and Billy and Mandy – but expect a surprise when you do!

The Freestyle Collective used a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya and Z Brush to create the Fusion Fall game open. The work was finished in Flame by Freestyle Collective sister visual effects company, Guava.

This open is Freestyle’s most artistically and technically complex work to date, and plunges the player directly into the centre of an epic battle between good and evil. A handheld-camera-feel gives the open drama, immediacy and a sweeping finish that introduces many of the game’s main characters.

To view the open visit:
To view the game visit:

Client: Cartoon Network New Media
Production Company: Freestyle Collective
Creative Director: Victor Newman
Director: Nicholas Weigel
CG Director: Entae Kim
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Matte Painters: Andres Rivera, Erik Fokkens, Sookyoung Choi
3D Animators: Nicholas Weigel, Entae Kim, Cedrick Gousse, Dylan Maxwell, Ian Brauner, Richardo Vicens, Stanislav Ilin, Jedidiah Mitchell, Christina Sidoti
3D Artists: Roger An, Russell Paul, Steven Kellam, Andres Rivera, Jim Collins, Patricia Heard-Greene, Steve Dahler, Zeth Willie, David Lobser
Lighting/Compositing: Joshua Harvey, Eric Concepcion, Ylli Orana
Flame Artist (Guava Visual Effects): Aaron Baxter
Executive Producer: Linda Powledge
Producer: Javier Gonzalez

About Freestyle Collective
Freestyle Collective is a collaborative design and production studio recognized for its distinctive artistic sensibility. Specializing in exploratory and innovative design, Freestyle Collective delivers creative advertising, and branding solutions to a broad range of commercial, broadcast and corporate clients.

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