Gasket Animates Graphic Novel Anti-Piracy Short

Drama, intrigue, dark shadows and the long arm of the law. Using pirated software doesn’t pay and it can also result in significant cost, as illustrated in a new online video by Microsoft by DDB Seattle, produced by Griak and Company and with visual effects and animation by Gasket Studios.

The project began with Director/Illustrator Charlie Griak working hand-in-hand with the agency creative team at DDB Seattle to develop the structure and aesthetic for the film. Griak then brought the storyboards to Gasket Designer/VFX Director Greg Shultz to take the project from static to animated, using Griak’s illustrations as the foundation for the finished product.

“I’ve worked with Greg before and wanted to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Gasket team,” says Charlie Griak. “They know how to build on an idea, to extrapolate, while still staying true to the core concept. “With Microsoft, Gasket pushed to make it bigger with more animation and documentary style moves to the images. We covered a lot of narrative territory in a simple, yet stylized way.”

The animation production process took 8 weeks and was executed by the Gasket team using a combination of Maya, AfterEffects and Flame.

“We have a great working relationship based on building on each other’s ideas with a welcome enthusiasm,” notes Gasket’s Greg Shultz. “Charlie, the agency team and Gasket were always on the same path, pushing to make this project something that communicates the message in an interesting and unique fashion. We were presented with a great project concept and loved having the opportunity to add dynamism and movement.”

“What we liked most about working with Gasket was their seamless integration with the creative team, “explains DDB Producer Jarrid Beasley. “They were a part of us, an extension of DDB, and they poured their hearts into this project just as much as we did.”

“They far exceeded our expectations in every aspect of this project,” agrees Copy Writer Keith Anderson, “from their responsiveness, their attention to detail, and the quality of the final product. Which was delivered right on schedule,”

DDB Art Director Troy Brock concludes “They made us look like f***in’ rockstars!”

About Gasket Studios
Think, Create, Propel: GASKET STUDIOS’ vision is to create idea-driven animation and visual effects that both tell a story and ARE the story. Launched by digital artist Greg Shultz, GASKET STUDIOS is a creative collective of diverse talents including cel animation, video game design, comic illustration, graphic design, stop motion animation, visual effects and 3D animation. Serving the commercial, music video, broadcast design and feature film markets, the studio’s environment is where creativity and technology align to help bring clients’ visions to life.

Client: Microsoft
Title/Length: Genuine Fact Files “Suspicious Cargo” 4:30 web movie

Advertising Agency: DDB Seattle
Creative Director: Jim Cowles
Copy Writer: Keith Anderson
Art Director: Troy Brock
Producer: Jarrid Beasley

Illustration & Direction: Griak and Company Ltd., Minneapolis
Director/Illustrator: Charlie Griak
Illustrator: Wendy Griak

Animation/Visual Effects Company: Gasket Studios Limited, Minneapolis Designer/VFX Director: Greg Shultz
Animators: Justin Greiner, Dan Helgemoe, Nate Dorn, John Zilka, Ben Trandem Producer: Tammy Kimbler Weber

Music Company: BC Smith Music
Composer: BC Smith

Audio Post: Clatter & Din
Production Manager: Leigh Eckert
Mixer: John Buroker

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