Point Render – New Add-on For SideFx Houdini

Point Render is a new add-on for SideFx Houdini, which allows yo to transform 3D scenes into final renderings in classical graphic form. The main goal of program is reviving old, classic artistic techniques in order to reinterpret computer graphic. The rendering in style of Albrecht Durer, Gustave Dore or other great artists would thus be in a grasp of every user.

System provides a special library of brushes and styluses, used for classical illustration work with and huge amount of solutions for improvement and speeding up interpretation of brushes on models as well as controling and modifying light. Whole system is easy to use and open. Moreover it allows artists to use his own ideas, brushes, tools and objects from other graphic software.

Currently Point Render is in the testing phase. Different static and animated scenes are being rendered to high resolution static images and also animations. Please feel free to look it up on our temporary program site on Behance.

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