Royal Rumble Opening Reimagines Epic Fight Night As Historical Spectacle

WWE’s newly rebranded Royal Rumble opening sequence reimagines the epic spectacle of fight night as a legend. Reimagining a storied history with grand moments from past events and those yet to take place.


Hyperrealistic statuettes of wrestling talent were hand sculpted and later shaded to look like marble in Maya.


An enormous and detailed tableau provides the backdrop and pays homage to the structures of ancient kings to those of robber barons during the industrial revolution. A leitmotif of ornamental detailing weaves itself throughout the piece creating a cohesion that culminates with the apex – a ring that all the competitors aspire to conquer.


For more on how the piece was made, check out the “making of video” video.


Creative Credits

Project: Royal Rumble Opening Sequence
Client : World Wrestling Entertainment
SVP Production & Graphics: Chris Siciliano
Senior Managing Director: Kevin Callahan
Art Director: Jacques Broquard
Set Supervisor & Designer: Gib Patterson
Modeler: Jeff Lee
Lead Character Sculptor: Hossein Diba
Character Sculptor: Ebrahim Diba
Character Sculptor: Daniel Peteuil
Character Supervisor: Sean Thorpe
Animation TD: Matthew Thurber
Character Animator: Cilian Tung
Motion Graphics Animator: David Durand
Rigger: Hayden McGowan
Lighting TD: Matthew Gleason
Lighter & Compositor: Paul Wei
Lighter & Compositor: Jason Garrison

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