BlackMeal and The Admen Pay Tribute to Superhero Comics in Oracle Film

Oracle, the global leader of cloud applications and integrated services platform, has developed a strong bond with the superhero universe in its public communications.


The French motion design and creative studio BlackMeal and The Admen were called on to create a film to promote Oracle’s 2016 Summit in Dubai.


After studying the design brief, The Adman decided on animation and their design style was inspired by two influential comic book artists WIll Eisner for his work on The Spirit and Bruce Timm for his drawing style in the 1992 Batman: The Animated Series.

blackmeal_oracle_02 blackmeal_oracle_03

The storyboard and character design were developed to support the inspirational keywords – “Strength”, “Agility” and “Ambition” and showcase Oracle’s strengths in Dubai, symbolized by the film’s three superheroes.



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