Gregory Herman Creates “Minds” Music Video For “The Sentence”

Director/Designer Gregory Herman Creates Music Video For “Minds” track on Zach Cooper’s “The Sentence”

Zach Cooper’s The Sentence is an elegant testament to a life of sound, a history of collaboration and solo experimentation, a shedding of metaphysical skin.

In the spirit of collaboration and giving back, Director/Designer Gregory Herman created the official music video for the Minds track on Cooper’s just released album.

The two have a history of collaboration. Herman has written and directed several short films and is currently in production on his first feature The Straight and Narrow. Cooper has composed the original scores and music for all of Herman’s films including The Straight and Narrow and Last Hit.

When Zach approached me… it was a no-brainer; I was happy to participate!

Cooper’s label company, Styles Upon Styles, approached Herman to create the official music video for the Minds track after seeing his films and the work the he and Cooper had created. “They felt I would be a good fit for Zach’s music video”, stated Herman. “When Zach approached me, after getting the go ahead from SUS, it was a no-brainer; I was happy to participate.”


The Sentence’s 12 tracks spell out a message: “This is for us to incite stillness in our hearts and minds.” Each song is a different word from the sentence.


“My word and track was Minds, and Zach and I both agreed we wanted to explore meditating and going deep within his own mind, transcending space and time.” says Herman.


Though the mood changes as the album progresses, moving between avant-garde chaos and meditative ambiance, the record remains experimental at its core. Of The Sentence, Cooper said, “I hold the music of The Sentence very dear to my h(ear)t. It carries the sounds and love of friends, mentors, ancestors and Spirit. I hope that listeners can feel the love and stillness born into this music and open their h(ear)ts to it.”


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