The Mill Creates Crowd and Stadium Toolkit

LONDON – The Mill has created the world’s first stadium toolkit that is a complete framework for crafting customizable photo-real stadiums, alongside the environments around them and the supporters within them, in the most efficient way possible.

We have continuously aimed to create groundbreaking stadiums brought to life alongside genuine photo-real universes. – Tom Raynor


The Mill has been immersed in the creation of CG photo-real stadiums and crowds since 2000, when they created the colosseum for the Academy award-winning Gladiator.

They applied the knowledge and experience in crafting and executing complex, realistic crowds and stadiums to the commercials world for Nike, Adidas, Guinness, and the NFL.


This kind of work is complicated and time consuming with a vast amount of repetitive tasks involved in every project.


As their knowledge of this craft grew, they were able to take an in-depth look at their approach and identify the bottlenecks in the process. They broke down the components necessary to create the photo-real stadium environment and came up with a new way to design completely customizable stadiums from the ground up in a smart and efficient way.


Rob Holmes, Head of 3D London is excited about the future. “The Mill Toolkit is just the beginning. With the Rio Olympics and Euro 2016 taking place this summer, we are poised and ready to create more sporting greats!” 

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