Framestore Highlights In-Car Entertainment for Vauxhall

Framestore’s digital puppeteers have been hard at work recently, bringing two further adventures of the ‘C’mon’ bunch to the screen. Concert and Cinema were created by DLKW and directed by Dom & Nic for Outsider. The ads are designed to draw attention to some of the in-car entertainment options available for the Corsa. Each spot features the five ‘C’mon’ puppets – Red, Blue, White, Cherri and Moo – who first appeared nearly two years ago. Concert sees our gang headed for a gig. Parking outside the arena, they plug in their stereo to the car’s inbuilt mp3 set-up and start rocking. They are spotted by the star of the show, who soon joins them as they swoon and groove all over the back seat.

Cinema again takes the idea of car as entertainment centre and runs with it, as the gang head for a local cinema. But they are only stopping by for supplies of popcorn and soda. Sprinting back into their car, they fire up the DVD player and settle down for the main feature, soon to be joined by a passing usherette.

As Paul Denhard, Senior TD on both spots, points out, “Technically, we’ve got quite a ‘mature’ set-up at this point down the line, and we took it to the next level, made it a lot more streamlined and uniform, allowing us to hit the ground running. Which we needed to here, as the deadlines were very tight.”

Denhard believes that the sort of material the creatives are coming up with also reflects the ease borne of familiarity with the technical challenges of these ultra-realistic cloth simulation puppets.

Denhard said “There are more characters in the shots, they are seen closer up, the animation is more ambitious, they’re interacting a lot more: it all shows how far we’ve ‘come on’, I guess.”

PRODUCER: Christian Lobo
PRODUCER: John Madsen

VFX: Framestore
TELECINE: Framestore

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