loyalkaspar Launches “Anna and Argyle” on iTunes

New York, New York United States – Branding and creative agency loyalkaspar has produced “Anna and Argyle,” a digital children’s tale that combines the timeless simplicity of a storybook with the immersive power of modern technology. The app just launched in the iTunes store

A few years ago a question came up in our studio, “Where do the socks go?” It felt like that simple question made this story relatable to everyone.

On a quest to find her lost sock, Anna ventures from her family’s laundromat in Brooklyn to the wild and woven world just beyond the rumbling, tumbling machines, discovering that perfect pairs don’t always match.

“Anna and Argyle” is the brainchild of Beat Baudenbacher, Chief Creative Officer of loyalkaspar and father of two. Recognizing the lack of immersive content on mobile platforms, he says, “Gamification of classic stories was sort of the first step, the lowest hanging fruit in that space, but I kept wondering whether there was a way to use the immersive power of the iPad to tell a new, simple story to my kids at bedtime. I don’t want them frantically hitting the screen, getting all worked up at night.”


Conversely, screens provided loyalkaspar with two key advantages: sound and motion. As the narrative morphed from a film into what loyalkaspar calls “a digital tale,” the team was keenly aware of the emerging conversation around children and “screen time.” 

“My parents vilified television,” says Baudenbacher, “and a lot of people are doing the same to mobile devices. I guess it’s just human nature to a certain degree. We wanted to focus on the power of the platform. There’s so much potential for storytelling opportunities that engage rather than distract.”


After years of overcoming obstacles, the team ran into one more stumbling block at the end: getting their tale into the iTunes store. Apps, by Apple’s definition, need to have a certain amount of interactivity. Games naturally do. Movies have none. But when it comes to a pre-determined narrative that takes advantage of the immersive features of the platform, yet isn’t technically “interactive,” the waters get a little murkier.


“I think the definition of what is a ‘book’ and what is an ‘app’ is very interesting, and one that will continue to evolve,” concludes Baudenbacher.” We had a good exchange with Apple and ended up infusing a minimal amount of true interactivity to meet their qualifications.”


loyalkaspar combined practical sets with CG elements to create the one-of-a-kind cinematic storybook experience. 

There’s a lot more to this story including behind-the-scenes looks at character development, typography and music.

About loyalkaspar: By day, loyalkaspar partners with brands such as ESPN, ABC, CNN, A+E, Peabody and Amnesty International. By night, they often gather together to work on passion projects or on cause-related initiatives stemming from the philosophy that design should not be limited to purely commercial purposes.




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