Trollback + Company Creates Evocative Series of Spots For The House of Marley

Trollbäck+Company creates a series of spots showcasing House of Marley’s products and history.

Just in time for the legendary Bob Marley’s birthday, T+C worked with audio brand House of Marley to create a series of spots highlighting their history, their roots in Bob’s legacy, and their products

Bob was all about one love, so we brought together some of our own friends and featured them in a series of vignettes embodying the connection and joy we feel when we make and share music together.

The first spot tells the story of the rise of the company in four chapters. The evolution begins with the seed of Bob’s vision leading to the roots he put down to grow respect for nature. The resulting tree thrives from that foundation and is strengthened through mindful craftsmanship and sustainability. The products are the fruit of the tree, bringing the initial vision to fruition and connecting people across the globe through music.


Evocative Vignettes
The portable Chant Mini speaker was highlighted and featured in an evocative series of vignettes. Each scene brings to life the emotion and connection we feel when we create and enjoy music together. Special guest appearances by T+C editor September Raines as the surf girl, and our friend, local surfboard maker, Joey Clams.



Music Connects
To show off the brand’s stylish earbuds, T+C found inspiration in the colors of the Jamaican flag, framing pairs of people sharing and enjoying music. The bright visuals are simple and arresting, clearly communicating the end message “Music Connects.”


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