Movement Paris Creates Disney Cinema ID

Movement, the design and creative strategy arm of Paris-based agency Les Télécréateurs helps Disney Europe launch Disney Cinema with new identity.

Concept: Linking Legacy To Modernity
Monument set out to establish cohesive identity that builds on Disney heritage while making room for it’s family of studios. They decided on the concept of the iconic Disney castle made out of several distinct elements to embody this unique set of movies.


Idents: Reflecting Diversity Within A Unified Concept
A collection of thematic idents were developed that both span the wide array of genres offered by the channel and assert its strong cinematic personality. Movement worked on a series of landscapes and environments as a way to epitomize the greatness of Disney Cinema.


Promos & OSP: Multiplicity
In order to emphasize the premium dimension of the channel, the castle was treated as a glass monument, thus allowing versatility in promoting and displaying the content.




Disney Cinema is the premium movie channel that brings the family together. Broadcasting great Disney classics, the catalogue has recently expanded to embrace those of Pixar, Lucas Films and Disney Nature in order to accommodate a wider audience.

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