Lobo Creates Short Film About Brooklyn Nets’ “Mr. Whammy”

To create buzz around JetBlue Airways’ sponsorship of the Brooklyn Nets, global design studio Lobo was commissioned by agency Mullen Lowe to create a short film about the Nets’ #1 fan, “Mr. Whammy”. It tells the story of Bruce Reznick, a 79-year-old lawyer from Brooklyn, NY,  who got his nickname, “Mr. Whammy” due to his unique ritual of distracting the Nets’ opponents as they shoot free throws. 


Mullen Lowe filmed Mr. Whammy telling his own story and describing his powers that cause opposing shooters to miss free throws by yelling and waving his arms at them from under the hoop.



In the course of just over one week, Lobo used a bold and witty combination of live action and illustration to bring Redneck’s story to life. They designed hand-drawn animated elements over the live action – conjuring up the basketball court, the players and the fans, and enhancing the electricity of Mr. Whammy’s performance. Just in time for the big game!


The film was shown live on January 20th at the Brooklyn Nets’ home arena, the Barclays Center, during the basketball  team’s match against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Project: Mr. Whammy short film