Adobe Animate CC Arrives Ushering In A New Era For Flash Pro

Web animation tool formerly known as Flash Professional arrives with a long list of new features and enhancements including improvements to pencil and art brushes, projector support and video export to multiple resolutions.



Today Adobe announced major updates to Animate CC, the leading Web animation tool (formerly Flash Professional) and Muse CC, the no-code website builder for designers.


Late last year, Adobe informed you that the Flash Professional name will change to Animate starting with this new release. But beyond the name change, this is one of their biggest releases ever.



 Adobe Animate new features and enhancements:

  • Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Adobe Stock integration for high-quality images, illustrations, and graphics
  • TypeKit support for HTML5 Canvas document type
  • New vector art brushes
  • Improvements to pencil and art brushes
  • Brush Library panel
  • Tagged Swatches
  • Custom templates for HTML5 Canvas documents
  • OAM publishing support for AS3, WebGL, and HTML5 Canvas documents
  • Publish text as outlines in HTML5 Canvas documents
  • Projector support
  • Stage scaling
  • Rotate your stage
  • Import SVG files
  • Enhanced drawing object bounding box
  • Video export to multiple resolutions
  • Contents scale proportionately to stage size
  • Enhanced Onion Skinning
  • HTML5 Canvas improvements

This week, Adobe is hosting an all-star of cast of animators and game developers streaming live on Twitch, showing off what Animate can do.

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