Element Creates Edgy Look For “London Live”

Element, the creative-driven design boutique led by Creative Director/Partner John Yu and Executive Producer/Partner Paul Goldman, recently created a series of super-graphical interstitials for London Live, a weekly music show seen on the recently launched on Mojo HD, the new high definition music channel seen on the iN Demand Networks. The show will feature the talents of such artists as My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Amy Winehouse, and Badly Drawn Boy, among many others. Element incorporated some creative use of the Mojo HD logo, combining vibrant graphics and live action music video footage into a treat for the senses.

“Mojo is a new channel and they were after a trendy, young audience and wanted a strong, stylistic look,” explains Yu. “We took some of our favorite music videos and dressed them up graphically, using a somewhat neutral color palette, but exuding a cool look together with the bold and integral presence of the Mojo logo. The result is a visual language connecting the music and the channel.”

Each interstitial opens with the Mojo logo, rendered in a different bright color and against a flat black background. As the shot widens out, the logo proves to be just one of a multitude of identical logos, collectively forming a hand held microphone. As the microphone turns and points toward the viewer, we are smoothly transported into a world featuring a single, simply animated musician displayed in rudimentary colors. Backed by the beat of their song, the animated figure becomes a live action character in a snippet from a popular music video. Returning to the animated world, the Mojo logo transforms into the initial two letters in “London Live.”

“To get the specific style we were after required a seamless, yet rhythmic transition from animation and live action, it had to be very precise. It ended up being quite time-consuming. We pride ourselves on determining our clients’ specific needs and finding the best designers and design solutions for those needs. Our working philosophy is to be as flexible and diverse as possible, according to our client’s interests.”

About Element:
Founded by Creative Director John Yu, and Executive Producer Paul Goldman (also Ear Goo Music founder/creative director) Element specializes in conceptual motion graphics, for advertising, television and multimedia. The company’s current work includes a campaign for Verizon Business services (on-air, print, online), VOOM, In Demand Network and insert graphics for ABC Sports presentation of Super Bowl XL.


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