Roof Studio Creates Acid Romp Inside Auto Designer’s Mind In “The Dreamer” For Honda

Roof Studio teamed with RPA for this acid-level romp inside an auto designer’s mind.

The spot is a fantastical, surreal representation of the Honda ideation process.


“The spot is a fantastical, surreal representation of the Honda ideation process,” stated RPA executive creative director Jason Sperling. “We wanted to showcase the Civic’s beautiful design and performance, but do it through the prism of the brand. The spot is a great marriage of the way Honda thinks and the byproduct of their thinking.”

roof_honda_dreamer_02 roof_honda_dreamer_07 roof_honda_dreamer_06 roof_honda_dreamer_05 roof_honda_dreamer_04 roof_honda_dreamer_03

After the client approved the concept and the work began, “we all had to use our imaginations—for a very long time,” Sperling says. “For months, all we had to go on was reference material and wireframes. As you might expect, the postproduction process was incredibly intensive on this project. Our amazing partner Roof had to create a world from scratch, all in CGI.”


“This was a really a fun film for us to make from shooting with legendary cinematographer Bill Pope to taking concept designs and letting our imaginations run wild.”


If you haven’t had enough eye candy, check out Roof’s behind the scenes breakdown video.


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