Imaginary Forces Creates Gritty Main Titles For Marvel’s Jessica Jones

In the main titles for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Imaginary Forces director Michelle Dougherty and team were tasked to create a heightened, stylized world within the world of this gritty Netflix series. Using a live action plate of paint and incorporating it onto photographs and other filmed elements, the director created a moody, painterly rendition of Jessica Jones’ New York, where we see darkness at every turn.

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Creative Credits

Project: Jessica Jones Main Titles
Client: Netflix
Design and Production Company: Imaginary Forces
Creative Director: Michelle Dougherty
Executive Producer: Ben Apley
Producer: Keith Bryant
Lead Designer: Arise Kashiwagi
Lead Animators: Thomas McMahan, Eric Demeusy
Designers: Joan Lau, Robin Roepstorff, Joseph Ahn, Wes Yang, Kris Fortin, Charles Khoury
Design Intern: Jacob Ferguson
Illustrators: David Mack, Arisu Kashiwagi
Editors: Michael Radtke, Danielle White
Flame Artist: Rod Basham
Director of Photography: Dan Kanes
Photographers: Sean Dougherty, Sidney Prawatyotin
Coordinator: Nicole Zschiesche

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