Motion Blur Lab (MBL PRO) Plugin Released

The popular MBL PRO plugin for Adobe Photoshop or compatible hosts has been released as a 64 bit application. The plugin is capable of producing high-quality, multi-directional and variable-strength motion blur effects quickly and efficiently using motion vectors.

MBL PRO features numerous modes of operation for simulating virtually any type of real-world motion blur. Single vector blurs are useful for linear motion blurs. Zoom blurs are useful for depth-driven motion blurs while spin blurs are useful for rotationally-driven motion blurs. Both offer sophisticated ellipticity and orientation options for dealing with varying perspectives. Finally, multiple vector blurs are useful for complex, multi-directional and variable-strength motion blurs. All motion blur types feature various distribution methods such as constant, increasing, decreasing and soft. Motion blur can be introduced to subjects, backgrounds or both.

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