Lobo: The Making of the motion 2015 Show Open

A bit of the behind the scenes for the motion 2015 show open by Creative Director Guilherme Marcondes and the creative team at the São Paulo/NYC based creative design studio Lobo.

Creative Direction: Guilherme Marcondes
Art Direction: Diogo Kalil, Fabiana Fukui
Production Company: Lobo
Creative Executive Producer: Loic Dubois
Producer: Amanda Queiroz Telles
Music & Sound Design: Paulo Beto/ Anvil FX
Motion Design: Diogo Kalil, Fabio Acorsi
2D: Paulo Pássaro, Fabio Acorsi
3D Animation: Diogo Kalil, Rodrigo Miyagi
3D Render: Julia Lemos
3D Simulation: Rodrigo Miyagi
Texture: Michel Venus
3D Modeling: Timothée Dessalien
Rotoscope artist: Aline Sanches, Diego Ruiz
Stop-motion: D. Lee Peffer II
Animation: Diogo Kalil, Fabio Acorsi, Marcos Silva
Compositing: Marcos Silva, Julio Saez, Diogo Kalil, Fabio Acorsi, Lucas Barreto
D.O.P. Set: D. Lee Peffer II, Lucas Barreto
D.O.P. Live: Pedro Caldas
Scenography: Fabiana Fukui
Prop Makers: Fabiana Fukui, Ligia Mie Jeon, Mariana Magnani
Production Manager: Fernando Lopes
Making Of: Andréia De Marchi
Line Producer: Fernando Lopes

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