Lobo Creates motion 2015 Show Open

Just over a week ago, motion 2015 kicked off with this visually mesmerizing and aurally tantalizing show open created by Guilherme Marcondes – Creative Director at Lobo NYC

Guilherme (Gui) was given the following guidelines: create a piece based on our tagline “feed your creative brain“. The sky is the limit – do anything you want.

So Gui and his team at Lobo in Brazil set out to do just that.

The concept was based on taking a journey into the creative mind of Paulo Beto – a Brazilian analogue synthesizer musician – to see what feeds his creative brain.

“The piece starts out by following Paulo as he starts his work day. He stops at a cafe for breakfast before he heads off to his studio. There, he plugs in his analogue synth gear – and the magic begins”, said Marcondes.

From elaborate costume design and creative cinematography to innovative green screen and stop motion animation – the magic is depicted as a unique blend of 60s psychedelic meets modern day visual effects.

“The piece blew us away,” said Elaine Montoya, co-producer of motion conference. “The creativity and amount of work that went into the show open is mind-boggling.”

“When the lights went down to signal the kickoff of motion, the screen at the auditorium in Santa Fe was filled with this beautifully animated piece. It’s vibrant colors and brilliant sound track was the perfect way to celebrate imagination – the theme of motion 2015,” said Montoya.

“We both loved the piece, and truly appreciate the enormous amount of work that went into creating it,” said co-producer Becky Padilla. “Our Brazilian friends at Lobo shared a bit of their culture through symbols, costume, and colors. Gui and his team at Lobo are truly amazing!”

Building on the conference tagline – Feed Your Creative Brain, the :60 mixed media opening features a combination of stop-motion, 3D and 2D animations, green screen, cinematography and traditional costume design.

To get a glimpse of how this piece was created, take a look at The Making of the motion 2015 Show Open.


Creative Credits

Creative Direction: Guilherme Marcondes
Art Direction: Diogo Kalil, Fabiana Fukui
Production Company: Lobo
Creative Executive Producer: Loic Dubois
Producer: Amanda Queiroz Telles
Music & Sound Design: Paulo Beto/ Anvil FX
Motion Design: Diogo Kalil, Fabio Acorsi
2D: Paulo Pássaro, Fabio Acorsi
3D Animation: Diogo Kalil, Rodrigo Miyagi
3D Render: Julia Lemos
3D Simulation: Rodrigo Miyagi
Texture: Michel Venus
3D Modeling: Timothée Dessalien
Rotoscope Artist: Aline Sanches, Diego Ruiz
Stop-motion: D. Lee Peffer II
Animation: Diogo Kalil, Fabio Acorsi, Marcos Silva
Compositing: Marcos Silva, Julio Saez, Diogo Kalil, Fabio Acorsi, Lucas Barreto
D.O.P. Set: D. Lee Peffer II, Lucas Barreto
D.O.P. Live: Pedro Caldas
Scenography: Fabiana Fukui
Prop Makers: Fabiana Fukui, Ligia Mie Jeon, Mariana Magnani
Production Manager: Fernando Lopes
Making Of: Andréia De Marchi
Line Producer: Fernando Lopes