The Exquisite Corpse Project 2 Premieres at motion 2015

Michael Waldron has been a motion conference favorite for years. As one of the elite core of motion speakers, Michael’s talks have entertained and delighted audiences each year.

Last year, Michael took on the challenge of creating a collaborative project based on the concept of The Exquisite Corpse – a technique invented by surrealists in 1918.

First, he assembled a team of artists from TV Land in NYC. Each artist was given 3 to 5 seconds to create a segment based off of their hidden talent and/or passion. But there was one twist: each artist had to seamlessly connect to the artist before…and the artist after them.. The results were amazing.

At the close of motion 2014, Elaine Montoya, co-producer of motion conference spoke with Michael and asked, “what if you ratchet it up a notch and invite pros from around the globe to take part in the TECP for motion 2015?”

Without hesitation, Michael took it on. And with that – The Exquisite Corpse Project 2 was born.

Throughout the year, will feature interviews with each of the studios who worked on this project.

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