Primetime Emmy Awards Adds Motion Design

The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards added Motion Design to it’s Motion and Title Design Awards category, making it a landmark year from motion designers. Outstanding Main Title Design has been part of the Emmy Awards since the 90s (formerly Outstanding Individual Achievement in Graphic Design and Title Sequences) – but starting this year, there is a new award for Outstanding Motion Design.

Specifically, the guidelines state:

Outstanding Motion Design, for a television show package.

Motion Design is defined as the art of bringing graphic design — words, forms, images, illustrations, photographic imagery — to life. This work must be commissioned work for hire that was intended to be broadcast on television as defined in the Television Academy Criteria for Eligibility.

Emmy(s) to the four principal designers

Eligible titles include Designer, Creative Director, Art Director, Animator, Compositor, Editor, Illustrator, Typographer, Photographer and Cinematographer. Additional titles that encompass the contributions of those who share substantially and significantly in the creative authorship of the show’s motion design may qualify, but only if a substantial, creative, hands-on contribution to the production and execution of the motion design can be determined.

An individual or the identical team may enter multiple achievements if the achievements are for different programs.

Each entry must be submitted with a concise, written description of each person’s creative contribution (100 words or less), which validates each substantial, creative, hands-on contribution to the production and execution of the design. Upload this Creative Contribution document as a PDF file and name it after the show for which your entry was designed. (e.g., SHOWNAME_CreativeContribution.pdf).

Primetime Rules & Procedures

Any issues regarding eligibility will be considered and conclusively decided by the Motion and Title Design Peer Group Executive Committee, who will determine the final eligibility of each entrant.

Each entry must be as aired (i.e. no “before and after” demos, sound track embellishments, remixes, re-composites, etc.).

Please note that the following are not eligible in this juried area:

  • Main titles (which must be submitted to the Main Title Design category).
  • Network or channel promotions/package or sports packages.
  • Visual effects work for shows, mostly art directed by the visual effects supervisor, and created under the VFX budget.
  • Commercials and PSAs.

The deadline for entry in the Motion Design category has been extended to May 15th.

How to Enter

Entries will be accepted online until May 15th, 2015 for work aired between 6:00 PM and 2:00 AM, June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015.

Download the Primetime Rules and Procedures for complete details and fees, then 
submit your entry on the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ website.

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