Trollbäck + Company Creates “The Slap” Show Open Entirely In Camera

NYC Creative Agency Trollbäck + Company creates the show open for the new NBC miniseries “The Slap” directed by Lisa Chodolenko and starring Uma Thurman and Peter Sarsgaard.

The show’s narrative consists of interwoven lines of fate played out in macro forming of a hand inspired by palmistry and subway lines.

The entire sequence was created organically in camera adding motion to motion graphics that were projected onto layers of glass.


Custom Episodic End Tags


The “Behind The Scenes” video shows the beauty in the process and how the final outcome was achieved.

trollback_the-slap_03trollback_the-slap_04About Trollbäck + Company”

Trollbäck + Company” is an award-winning creative agency on a mission to build the combination of the future. Powered by an eclectic mix of designers, technologists, writers, directors and strategists, the group is united by a passion for invention.

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