Superfad Enters New Territory With & Pioneer Kuro

A journey from the ocular nerve to the wild imaginings of the mind’s eye: “Enter” is the visually arresting commercial launching Pioneer’s Kuro television and the result of a unique collaboration between agency TBWAChiat Day and S?¬¨‚à´perfad.

Inspired by the brand mantra “seeing and hearing like never before,” the spot traverses a fantasy landscape, moving through realms heretofore unimagined. From stop motion, to live action, to 2D and 3D animation, comic illustration, collage and editing, “Enter” represents the scope of S?¬¨‚à´perfad’s talent and techniques.

“Creating a surreal journey through the subconscious is not an easy task but S?¬¨‚à´perfad really delivered,” comments TBWA/Chiat Day producer Brian O’Rourke. “We pushed them every step of the way and they came back with even better solutions than we expected. We were especially impressed by their range of animation styles as well as their shared desire to make the work great.”

“Our intent was to emulate the fractured stream-of-consciousness of dreams; leaping from one fragmentary moment to the next,” explains S?¬¨‚à´perfad Creative Director Justin Leibow. “This of course with an ever-constant forward trajectory bursting through discordant visuals. Needless to say, having this opportunity was unique and really exciting.”

S?¬¨‚à´perfad is home to a diverse group of designers, artists and directors united to produce compelling motion imagery for entertainment, branding and that special something in between. With the strategic vantage points of Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and London, S?¬¨‚à´perfad’s creative reach is both vast and personal, combining the spark of advertising experience with artistic approaches.

Client: Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.
Spot title: Kuro TV “Enter” 1 x :60
Airdate: Theatrical 10/24/07, Television 11/1/07

Advertising Agency Location: TBWA/Chiat Day Creative Director: Worldwide CD: Lee Clow
CD: Jerry Gentile
Producer: Brian O’Rourke
Asst. Prod.: Cia Restraino
Copywriter: Gage Clegg
Art Director: Becca Morton

Live Action Production Company/S?ºperfad
Director: Will Hyde, Justin Leibow, John Hilton
DP: Brendan Galvin
Executive Producers: Kevin Batten
Producer: Scott Ludden

Animation/Visual Effects/S?ºperfad:
Creative Directors: Will Hyde, Justin Leibow Exec. Producer: Kevin Batten
Producer: Amy Russo
Artists: Will Hyde, Justin Leibow, Bryan Cox, John Cherniack, Eric Lee, Grace Lee, Tim Kadowaki, Will Campbell, Matt Lavoy, Matt Rosenfeld, Ryan Kirkwood, David Silvers, Dan Fraga, John Riggs, David Viau, Eric Edwards, Ajit Menon, Phiphat Pinyosophon

Editorial Company: S?ºperfad
Editor: Charles Jenson

Colorist: Beau Leon of The Syndicate

Music Company: Machine Head/Venice, CA
Composer: Jason Moss
Music Producer: Vicki Ordeshook

Sound Design Company: Stimmung/Santa Monica , CA Sound Designer: Gus Koven Sound Producer: Jack Catlin Associate Sound Designer: Peter Lauridsen

Audio Mixing: Eleven/Santa Monica, CA
Mixer: Jeff Payne

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