NHL Taps Undefined Creative To Simulate DraftKings Fantasy Hockey Game

Undefined Creative was recently tapped by the NHL on an ad campaign that uses 3D animation and a dose of ingenuity to bring DraftKings fantasy hockey gaming to life. The goal behind the design-driven spots was to introduce NHL fans to the DraftKings alliance and its exciting game play experience while highlighting some of the exclusive NHL sweepstakes events DraftKings gamers have the chance to enter and win.


The New York-based design studio needed to simulate DraftKings’ fantasy game playing experience in a much more exciting way than providing a screen-by-screen tutorial. So, to give the campaign its ‘hook,’ Undefined Creative designed 3D avatars, each representing a fantasy team’s player position. Then, combining techniques, they added a fun visual allusion to the selection process. 



 Undefined Creative delivered five different campaign elements now airing throughout the US and Canada on NHL Network and NHL.com and its digital platforms.

Creative Credits

Project: DraftKings Fantasy Game
Client: National Hockey League
Design/Animation Studio: Undefined Creative
Creative Director: Maria Rapetskaya
Executive Producer: Cathy Humphry
3D Animation: Jesse Roff
2D Animation: Cynthia Beauclair, Ricardo Barros
Audio : Hobo Audio Company
Audio Engineer: Diego Jimeniz

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