Coldplay’s Fans Speak Up With Their Version of Blind’s “Ink”

Santa Monica based design agency Blind created “Ink” – a visual spectacle for Coldplay’s fourth single taken from their worldwide number one album, “Ghost Stories.” 

“Ink” is an interactive story about a lost traveler who journeys to the ends of the world in hopes of finding his lost love. Viewers explore beautifully animated environments by making real-time choices throughout the video. With hundreds of possible paths to take, each experience-altering decision changes the how the story unfolds.

And now that the video has been out for several weeks, the fans have spoken!

Out of the 300 possibilities, this compilation represents the most popular journey chosen through the interactive video from Coldplay’s fans’ engagement.

It’s not to late to create your own journey!

Chris Do, Founder and CEO at Blind will be speaking at motion 2015 in Santa Fe, NM.

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