Psyop Produces Target Holiday CG Spots for Bullseye’s Playground


Psyop produced two delightful CG spots for Target’s Bullseye’s Playground – “Ice Skating” and “Snowball Fight”. Bullseye’s Playground is a collection of 3D games filled with holiday spirit. Each spot featuring the magical cast of characters created for the games and led by Target’s lovable mascot Bullseye.

In partnership with St. Jude Children’s Hospital®, Target has committed up to $1 million donating $1 for every game played by families in Target stores around the US.

The project was made possible by the unique partnership between Target and Google’s Art, Copy & Code team. Art, Copy & Code is a Google initiative created to explore new ways in which technology can help build brands in a digital world.

The six-game collection was built in WebGL specifically for mobile devices. WebGL was the perfect platform for delivering rich 3D characters and animations and allowed for the delivery of a video game experience delivered right through the browser for players around the country without the need to download a native app.

To play the games, visit

*The WebGL version only works on mobile devices with WebGL support. Use your Nexus5 or iPhone with iOS8+ to play the mobile games.


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