Superfad Creates Entertainment Universe for PS3

To express the massive HD entertainment gaming experience of PlayStation 3, agency TBWAChiatDay commissioned the talents of Superfad who set out to design an animated universe that literally explodes from the system.

In addition to showcasing the immersive and dramatic realm of PlayStation 3, Superfad was challenged to design a commercial where every frame would work as a printed still.

According to the Superfad team, the spot was designed for a “sophisticated audience who would appreciate the notion of controlled chaos.” Using a sculptural approach, Superfad envisioned a console from which hyper-real glossy worlds burst forth and contract, while the viewer is plunged seamlessly from one gaming experience to the next.

Dynamic shifts and integrated macro transitions are a key part of this intense commercial, which was produced as 60 and 30-second spots using Maya and AfterEffects.


Client: Sony PlayStation
SVP Marketing: Peter Dille
Director, Prooduct & Online Marketing: Susan Nourai Director of Software Marketing: Jeff Reese Marketing Manager: Kim Nguyen

Spot title:
Universe of Entertainment :60
Universe of Entertainment :30
Only on PS3 :30

Advertising Agency:

Executive Creative Director: Rob Schwartz Creative Directors: Brett Craig/Nick Davidge Executive Producer: Anh-Thu Le
Producer: Jane Krull
Copywriter: Allan Manaysay
Art Director: Jamin Duncan
Management Supervisor: Jiah Choi

Animation/Visual Effects:

Superfad LA
Artists: Kevin Lau, Will Johnson, Will Campbell, Andy Kim, Glenn Suhy, Ian Mankowski, Dylan Spears, Todd Erickson, Robert Vaindiner, Matt Lavoy, Erik Lee
Creative Director: Frank Pichel
Art Director: Kevin Lau Exec. Producer: Kevin Batten
Producer: Danielle Hazan

Additional Credits:

Editorial Company: Superfad
Editor: Charles Jensen

Online Editorial: Vendetta Post:
Inferno: Fefo De Souza

Music Editing: Elias Arts
Producer: Kala Sherman
Creative Director: Dave Gold

Music Track: “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva

Sound Designer: Brian Emrich of Trinitite Inc.

Audio Mix: Margarita Mix
Mixer: Nathan Dubin

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