Blur Studio’s Cinematic Launch Trailer for the Halo 2 Anniversary

Blur Studio’s Cinematic Launch Trailer for the Halo 2 Anniversary, is nothing short of sensational.

343 Industries released the new trailer to herald the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which is less than two weeks from release. The cinematics were done by Blur Studio. By handing over the cutscene production of Halo 2 Anniversary to Blur, 343 Industries was able to focus on the gameplay and re-mastering of Halo 1-4. With its stunning VFX, the launch trailer is arguably the highlight of the collection.

Blur Studio is an Oscar nominated visual effects, animation and design studio based in Venice, California. Founded in 1995, the company provides visual effects for a wide range of media, short films, large format films, commercials, concept art, feature effects, music videos, game cinematics and broadcast design.

Special shoutout to longtime motion community member Navarro Parker, who did some of the amazing screen work on this piece as part of the team at Blur Studio.

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