Maxon Announces Winner for Inaugural Challenge

Newbury Park, CA – MAXON, leading developer of professional 3D software solutions for modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, congratulates Australian-based digital artist and motion designer Jeremy Mansford on winning the grand prize in the first MAXON animation contest for his entry entitled Titan Smash. Launched earlier this year in July, WinC4D is a new competition and contest site sponsored by MAXON that invites digital artists to submit original10-second themed animation content utilizing Adobe After Effects CC and Cinema 4D Lite to showcase the innovative ways creative professionals can use the two programs to create compelling digital content.

The inaugural WinC4D three-month competition entitled “Ultimate Prize Fight” ran from July to September and challenged contestants to create prizefight themed animations. Competition judges comprised of well-known motion design professionals and educators from the 3D creative community included Rob Garrott, E.J. Hassenfratz, Nick Campbell, Barton Damer, Ash Thorp, Colin Sebestyen, Thanassis and Paul Babb. Visitors to the site were also encouraged to recognize their favorite entries by giving “Props” or “Paper Plate Awards” in categories such “Eye-Candy Crown”, “LOL Master”, “Most Innovative”, and more.

“MAXON designed the WinC4D competition as a way to inspire artists to explore Cinema 4D Lite which is now included in After Effects CC,” said Paul Babb, MAXON US president/CEO. “We congratulate Jason Mansford on his creative and entertaining animation.”

Mansford, a motion designer and art director used C4D Lite for stills and style frame work and admits that his video submission to the WinC4D contest marked the first time he had created a finished animation using 3D software. Drawing from his design and storytelling background, Mansford wanted his idea to be a true fusion of 3D and 2D animation focused on a few key areas that he wanted to learn about – lighting, texturing and explosion — and drew inspiration for the prize-fighting concept from the iconic Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem painting, “The Fall of the Titans”.

“I like to avoid the obvious ideas and try to melt some eyeballs. So for the brief Ultimate Prize Fight piece, fluorescent killer sculptures frozen in time seemed like a goer,” comments Mansford. “Using Cineware allowed me to learn a few key processes and do a solid mix of 2D/3D techniques. It’s pretty satisfying as a C4D ‘noob” to throw around passes and get live 3D updates all within AE.”  

EJ Hassenfratz, a WinC4D judging panel member and multi-Emmy winning freelance 3D/motion graphic artist and founder of Eyedesyn, was impressed with the excellent quality of the WinC4D contest entries. “Titan Smash definitely stood out among the submissions,” says Hassenfratz. “It’s ‘crazy’ that Mansford created such high-quality work with no prior knowledge of how to animate using the software whatsoever. That speaks volumes about his talent and how Cinema 4D makes 3D accessible to those who want to learn it.”

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