CINEMA 4D Import

CINEMA 4D Import – is a chapter from Chris Meyer’s course: After Effects: Creative Cloud Updates. In this brief tutorial, Chris will discuss the Cinema 4D Workflow.

After Effects: Creative Cloud Updates description:

Veteran After Effects user Chris Meyer shares real-world production and workflow advice as he demonstrates the newest features in Adobe After Effects CC. Chris reviews the streamlined connection to MAXON CINEMA 4D and the Refine Edge tool for creating mattes around hair and other partially transparent areas, and reveals how to get more accurate tracks and stabilizations with Reverse Stabilization and ground planes. He also reviews the upgraded Warp Stabilizer and 3D Camera Tracker and important new usability features such as layer snapping.

The September 2013 update brought the new Rigid Mask Tracker, as well as additional ways to scale up footage cleanly, while the highlight of the December 2013 update was the ability to convert parametric shape layers to Bézier paths, and Bézier paths into shape layers. The NAB 2014 update shows off important new integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and Typekit, as well major updates to effects. Smaller yet still important new and enhanced features in each release are also touched on throughout. As always, Chris doesn’t just show you where these new features are, but how to apply them to your own projects, along with preferred working practices and potential gotchas.

Note: This course was created and produced by Chris and Trish Meyer. We are honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:

  • Integrating with CINEMA 4D
  • Using the Refine Edge tool to fine-tune mattes
  • Applying Reverse Stabilization
  • Preserving scale while stabilizing
  • Working with layer snapping
  • Finding missing footage, fonts, and effects

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About the instructor:


chris_meyerChris Meyer is a principle at Crish Design (formerly CyberMotion), a renowned graphic design studio in New Mexico. Crish Design has created opening titles, promos, and graphics for CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, The Learning Channel, PBS, and PAX; corporations ranging from Apple to Xerox; and several movies, including Almost Heroes and The Omega Code. Chris is a refugee from the music industry where he designed musical instruments and digital recorders for Sequential, Digidesign, and Roland. He still consults on intellectual property issues in the music industry, and has been turning his attention to creating mixed media art. Chris also co-authored, with his wife Trish, the highly respected After Effects books Creating Motion Graphics and After Effects Apprentice.


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